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On this website, you will find all balloons which are, or have been registered in Myanmar. For every balloon, active and inactive, you can find one or more pictures.

At this moment, 35 balloons are registered.

For questions, comments or hints, just contact me at info@myanmarballoonregister.com.

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01-11 XY-AKY
06-01 XY-AKX
20-12 XY-AKU
20-12 XY-AKZ
27-11 XY-AKV

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01-11 XY-AHP
07-01 XY-AHQ
31-12 XY-AHO
27-11 XY-AHM
27-11 XY-AHL

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01-11 XY-AKY
01-11 XY-AOJ
16-02 XY-AOA
07-01 XY-AKX
20-12 XY-AKF

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To be expected...

Cameron A-315
Year: 2018
C/N: 12240
STT Ballooning,
Cameron A-400
Year: 2018
C/N: 12242
STT Ballooning, Bagan